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Filing trademark applications:

  • Complete name and address of the applicant.
  • Particulars of mark.
  • Specifications of goods or international classification.
  • Power of Attorney (See 'Power of Attorney requirements' below).
  • Priority document (when claiming convention priority: certified copy of the first filed foreign application).

Renewal of trademark

  • Power of Attorney (See below).

A trademark registration may only be renewed if the mark has been used in Argentina at any time within the five years preceding the expiration date. This requirement is fulfilled if the mark was used for any product or service whatsoever, in any of the classes, not necessarily those covered by the registration involved. Use of the mark as trade name is also sufficient.


  • Assignment agreement entered into by both parties bearing the consular legalization or "Apostille" of the transferor's signature.
  • If the assignment agreement does not include any power-of-attorney, then a separate power-of-attorney should be sent apart from the agreement first mentioned.

Change of the owner's name

  • Document certifying the change of company name bearing the consular legalization or "Apostille";
  • Power of Attorney (See below).

Power of attorney requirements

  • Consular legalization or "Apostille" is required. Argentina is member of the Agreement of The Hague which deals with the exemption of foreign documents from consular legalization. Consequently, the public documents to be sent to Argentina from other countries which have also adhered to this Agreement shall include an "Apostille" instead of the consular legalization. Please note that a general power-of-attorney is admitted and we can use it to file any number of applications on behalf of the same client.

Time limits to fulfill the requirements.

  • Power of Attorney may be filed within forty working days counting from the filing date of the application.
  • The priority document is to be filed with the corresponding translation into Spanish language made by an Argentine Certified Translator, within ninety days term after the presentation of the application.

Power of Attorney (POA) for foreign clients: 

  • English
  • French
  • German
  • Italian
  • Portugues
  • Mandarin 

Other Documents:

  • Assignment Form

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