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    September 14th, 2020
.AR Top Level Domains: Opening for Public Registration
Dear clients, friends, and colleagues,
In this opportunity, we want to inform you that, from September 15th, it will be available for all public the possibility to register Internet domains “.ar”
This NIC Argentina’s initiative has the advantage to have a shorter Internet domain, which could be of particular interest. Fun fact: it also allows you to play with words ending in “ar”.
It is worth to highlight that there is no need to have a “” domain previously registered to have access to the “.ar” one. Also, the new domain does not replace the previous one, on the contrary, it increases your search possibilities in the web.
Therefore, our clients now can register their “.ar” domains in order to add a new way of reaching their consumers as well as extending their rights and monitoring their names.
Another aspect that should be taken into account is that, as every time a new level of domains as in this case the “.ar” is available, one has to be aware of the possible registries in bad faith for those who may attempt to:
1) Divert the competitors’ customers
2) Restrict the access to domains that coincide with registered trademarks in order to commercialized them later on.

In both cases, although they are extremely frequent, they are not allowed and there are very efficient tools to solve this type of conflicts.
In Palacio & Asociados, we count on a search and watch system that allows us to track those cases of domain registration that coincide with the trademarks we have in custody (by a different title holder/owner) in order let our clients know this situation and safeguard their rights.
Should you have any question or query about this subject or any other, please do not hesitate to contact us.
Kind regards,
Palacio & Asociados Argentina | Trademarks and Patents
Corrientes Ave. 1386, 13th (1043), Buenos Aires.