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Changes to speed up Patent Procedures in Argentina: Signature of Memorandum with European Patents Office in relation to patent classification


In line with Presidential Executive Order No. 27/2018 issued last January 11, 2018, our Patent Office has just announced the signature of a Memorandum with the European Patent Office (EPO) to implement the use of the Cooperative Patent Classification (CPC) System.

The CPC System has been jointly developed by the USPTO and the EPO some years ago with the aim to facilitate searches and examinations of patent applications and it has already been implemented in other Latin American Patent Offices, such as Brazil, Mexico and Chile.

In this sense, the Memorandum comprises an ongoing training of our examiners in the use of the new system, which is constantly being improved.

We are glad to see that the aim behind all these measures is, undoubtedly, to simplify and expedite the prosecution of patent applications, recognizing that Intellectual Property policies are the key to innovation and development.

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