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    April 8th, 2020
Dear clients, friends, and colleagues,
In the last few days we have received a growing number of queries regarding difficulties for notarizing and legalizing original documents due to the lock down many countries are facing.
The pandemic continues to expand, quarantines seem to be renewed for longer periods and the obtainment of original documents becomes, if not very difficult, impossible. However, not all countries have suspended deadlines and some will be resuming them in the near future. As a consequence, the question of how to face deadlines when complying with Patent and Trademark Offices requisites remains unanswered.
First of all, we would like to remind you that in Argentina all deadlines are suspended until April 12th and it will probably be extended -though there is no official announcement yet, please rest assured that we will duly inform you about any news in this regard.
Moreover, even if the Trademark and Patent Office reopens, it is our understanding that the impossibility of having filed the PoA within due time is a typical case of ‘force majeure’, which the Trademark and Patent Office has accepted in the past.
However, in order to avoid any troublesome eventuality, we recommend not to delay the filing of trademark and/or patent applications via Paris Convention due to the lack of original priority documents or legalized PoA*.
Also, as we are aware of the sanitary emergency, if you are facing difficulties with the procurement of any of these documents, do contact us to find a solution.
We remain at your disposal for any further assistance.
Kind regards,
*Power of Attorney needs both notarization and legalization before the Argentine Consulate or Apostille in Argentina.
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