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By  Hector Palacio   

On April 20, 2016, Buenos Aires, Argentina, was the site of a roundtable discussing parallel imports that was hosted by myself, Héctor D. Palacio, Palacio & Asociados and the Argentine Association of IP Agents (AAAPI). Important government officials of the Customs Administration, the Customs Clearance Center, and the Argentine Import Chamber were present.

Speakers Jorge Otamendi of G. Breuer Abogados and Miguel O’Farrell of Marval, O’Farrell & Mairal provided engaging presentations. Miguel O’ Farrell gave an overview of parallel imports in general. He then provided an analysis of the Argentine parallel imports situation and, finally, an objective description of relevant case law in Argentina. On the other hand, Jorge Otamendi successfully focused on INTA’s position. He also provided a summary explanation about the situation both in the United States and Europe and related case law. 

To continue making progress, our Parallel Imports Latin America Subcommittee will organize a similar roundtable in Brazil, Chile, and Uruguay as well, based on our experience and the results of this first event in Argentina. In addition, we will continue the dialogue with the government officials who attended the meeting in order to discuss the most effective measures to implement.

In conclusion, the roundtable received unanimous positive feedback. Our colleagues were active participants not only during the debate but also afterwards. We are optimistic that we will be able to adopt new measures to regulate parallel imports, and we plan on doing so as soon as possible.

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