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The recognition of the GEOGRAPHICAL INDICATION (GI) “PATAGONIA” for wines in Argentina has been confirmed.


Through Resolution 1/2022, The NATIONAL INSTITUTE OF VITIVINICULTURE, clarified the recognition of the aforementioned GI. It is, therefore, protected under the terms of Article 4 of Law No. 25,163.

The right to use the PATAGONIA GI is restricted to the vineyards and wineries located in that geographic area, provided that the regulations and requirements of the GI are complied with. 

Consequently, trademarks containing the word PATAGONIA cannot be registered in class 33 for wines.

The wine industry grows constantly, being one of the strongest in Argentina, and its products are recognized worldwide. Last year, a historical record for bottled wine exports was achieved and we hope that it will continue to increase.

By Diego Palacio