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Palacio & Asociados provides counsel on trademark issues in general, as from the upbringing of the trademark and other distinctive signs of the client´s company up to the preparation and filing of applications to register trademarks. In between, we conduct searches of trademarks, evaluate their background and analyze their availability to assure a safe registration.

Our lawyers are well prepared to manage any contingency that may arise in relation to the image of the client´s company. This implies the negotiation in terms of defense and opposition of trademarks. They handle due diligence tasks related to trademark issues as well.

As to the enforcement of trademarks, our lawyers take care of their custody during their life and handle the renewal proceedings, along with the submittal of licenses, changes of name and transfer of ownership.

Moreover, Palacio & Asociados is qualified to act at an international level, taking advantage of its vast experience and wide net of foreign associates. We participate in the main congresses and international seminars, specially in Europe, USA and Asia.

(to file a trademark in Argentina)

– Name and address of applicant 

– Trademark, labels

– Specification of goods or services

– Power of attorney legalized by “Apostille.” If your country does not have Apostille it must be legalized by the Argentinean Consulate

– Certified copy of the first filed foreign application (when claiming priority)

STEP by STEP: trademark prosecution in Argentina

Generally, once the trademark application is filed, its official publication for oppositions is ordered; within 30 days after such publication, the Registrar determines the existence of previous similar trademarks. 

If neither oppositions are filed nor confusingly similar prior records or other absolute grounds for rejection are found, registration is granted. 

However, if an opposition is filed, the Trademark Office gives the applicant three month-time limit as of the date of notification to obtain the withdrawal of such opposition. 

Therefore, if there are no obstacles, it takes approximately 18 months to obtain the trademark’s Registration Certificate. 

Trademark prosecution in Argentina

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